Microblading Training

Start your new career with Tacoma Microblading Training! Simple requirements!

1: Take the online infectious control class (under $20.)

2: Apply for a Permanent Makeup Artist Licenses with the State of Washington, Department of Licensing.

3: Attend our Microblading Training ($2,800 kit included.) 4: Start making $$$ and helping people look and feel better about themselves.

In the Tacoma Microblading Training you will learn the following:

*Safety and Sanitations               *Skin Types

*Blood Borne Pathogens             *Client Consultation

*Skin Anatomy                             *Procedure Check List

*Facial Anatomy                          *Drawing and Shaping Eyebrows 

*Color Theory                              *Technique

*Needle Types.                            *Pain and Anesthetics

*Aftercare                                    *Business Best Practices

*Preforming Microblading on your real models!!!